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Day 49

Gallipolli Peninsula

Picked up early for 5 hour drive to Eceabat (start of our Gallipolli tour). Lunch there, then toured all the famous sites. Very informative guide who gave us an in depth recount of the battles.

(Lone Pine Cemetery)

(ANZAC Memorial site)

Staying the night in Eceabat.

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Day 48

Bosphorus Cruise

Spent the whole day on a tour which included a cruise on the Golden Horn (inlet) & the Bosphorus (strait of water separating European & Asian side of Istanbul), then a bus tour to the major sites seen on the cruise. Good value tour showing greater Istanbul.
(Dolmabahce Palace from the Bosphorus)

(Million dollar wooden homes on Asian side of Istanbul)

(Bosphorus Bridge)

(Dolmabahce Palace)


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Day 47

Woken by 'Call to Prayer' this morning at 5am-quite enchanting!

Walked through the Blue Mosque- beautiful. Gets it's name from the glazed tiles decorating the inside-all shades of blue. Ceramic tiles are very common for decorating throughout the city.



Visited the Basilica Cistern which is an old Roman underground reservoir for water, but beautifully designed architecture in the columns.


(Teardrop column in Basilica Cistern)

Short walk through the Grand Bazaar-huge so we'll go back again. Selling everything from jewellery to leather to clothing to homewares.

Topkapi Palace after lunch. Huge palace grounds so took a few hours. Lots of Mozaics & painted glass windows.

(Ceramic walls Topkapi Palace)


Outdoor Turkish Restaurant tonight with traditional music & a 'Whirling Dervish'.


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Day 46


Early plane to Istanbul (2hrs $200). Marathon in Istanbul, so drive from airport took ages.

Walked around Sultanahmet area in the afternoon. What an amazing city! Sensory overload with roasting chestnuts, roasting sweetcorn, fresh pomegranate juice, grilled fish, spices, turkish delight in abundance, Islamic call to prayer 5 times a day(over PA throughout the city), store owners enticing you in to buy their products-all with smiles on their faces!

Went to the Spice Bazaar-fantastic! Sacks full of spices and bucket loads of different flavoured turkish delight.!


Walked through a crowded underpass tunnell (City population 16million!)


to the Galata Bridge where it's standing room only for the fishermen with their rods.


Watched the frenzy of fast food Istanbul style-Decorated boats pulled up alongside the bank of the Bosphorus with huge grills on them piled high with fresh grilled fish fillets, then slapped into a bread bun with some lettuce-called balik-ekmek,Yum!


Had a quick look at the Blue Mosque & Hagia Sophia which are very close together & close to our hotel.



More tomorrow!
Kofta & Baklava for dinner.

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Day 45

Morning walk up to Bratislava Castle (another one!)


Walk through town then lunch at a restaurant on the Danube.

(Blue Church)

Caught bus back to Vienna. Staying at airport hotel for early flight to Istanbul tomorrow.

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