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Day 34

Vintgar Gorge & Lake Bled

Drove to Vintgar Gorge (close to Bled). Were complaining that there wasn't enough signage, as we had trouble finding the start (Tom Tom had guided us to a cemetery!) Later found out that we started at the end (near the cemetery) and walked it back to front. It was worth it! What a fantastic place. Might even rival any of our gorges in our North West. Tons of cold rushing water forcing its way through a narrow gorge in the landscape, with easily accessible walkway all along. Weather was perfect. No snow, sunny morning, but lots of moisture from melting snow.




Then drove to Bled-a magic little 'fairy' town, bordering the famous Lake Bled. Caught the ferry to Bled Island & rang the 'Wishing Bell' in the church on the island. Ferry back, then had some famous 'Park Hotel Cream Cake' at the Park Hotel-similar to a vanilla slice, but half whipped custard & half whipped cream. Delicious!

Walked around the lake (6km), then drove to the castle, on top of a hill overlooking the lake.
Fantastic day !


(Bled Island)

(Bled Castle)

Traditional Slovene restaurant tonight. Tried their traditional sweet-Prekmurska gibanica (layer cake with apples, poppy seeds, walnuts, cottage cheese, pastry-all Craig's favourites!)

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Day 33

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Snow on the surrounding hills this morning, but not in the city.
Picked up hire car & drove to Ljubljana (Slovenia). A lot more snow fell through here, & the surrounding scenery was quite spectacular with snow topped houses, trees & hills.

(Not taken in black & white)

Self guided walking tour of Ljubljana city. Beautiful city! All the buildings are neat & tidy & renovated beautifully. Lots of pastel colours (no graffiti). Interesting to note that Slovenia only suffered 10days of war in the Homeland War, so no evidence of this.
Very 'green' city-lots of recycling bins & encourage bike riding through the city.
In the afternoon, caught the funicular up the hill to the castle. Climbed the tower (another one!).

(Pretty Ballet Theatre)

(Remnants of snow-finally succumbed to warm headgear)

Temp today reached 7'C for a fleeting moment when the sun came out this afternoon. Tonight well below zero-thank goodness for heated rooms!

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Day 32

Light snow this morning! Not too heavy-melted when it hit the ground. Not too cold either (max of 6'). Walked around Upper Town this morning-older part of the city. So many flower stalls(mostly chrysanthemums) & cemetery candle stalls!

(Flower stalls)

Caught bus to Mirogoj Cemetery. They say the people are better housed in death than when alive here & it might be true. The cemetery has a grand entrance with an arcade surrounded by a wall of cupolas, all overrun with autumn coloured vines-quite spectacular, as are many of the tombs and headstones, and topped off with remnants of snow! Also worked out where all the flowers go. The cemetery is adorned with fresh flowers for miles!

(Mirogoj Cemetery entrance)

Walked Maksimir Park-beautiful forrest & lakes close to city. Had lunch at Park Restaurant.

Summary of Zagreb;
Easy to navigate city-wide roads with grid pattern layout.
Lots of graffiti & external breakdown of buildings!
Not a lot to see other than Museums & Theatre & Art Exhibitions.
Quite a contrast to coastal Croatia.

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Day 30


Caught plane to Zagreb (40min $150). Back into cooler weather (15' and light sprinkle).
Spent the afternoon trying to find a laundry! Had a bit of a walk around main centre. Apartment nice(despite look from outside). Close to public transport.

Apartment building!

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Day 31

Light rain today.
Spent morning waking around Lower Town. Plenty of Museums, Theaters, city parks & Botanical Gardens.

Got to Lotrscak Tower by noon to watch the "cannon ball" shot from the tower.


Spent the rest of day at apartment. Both Craig & I not feeling well-something we ate yesterday?

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