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Day 39

Plitvice Lakes

Walked for 5 hours around the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Magnificent! A series of lakes at different levels (counted at least 12 levels) as we go up the hill, tumble over horizontal ledges to create thousands of cascades, into another lake. The park is interlaced with wooden boardwalks that meander through, around & over the water. Too hard to describe;




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Day 38


Spent the morning walking along Opatija's Lungomare (12km coastal promenade). Only walked a couple of hours. Just beautiful, lined with magnificent villas, hotels & restaurants. Opatija was originally considered a 'health resort' for the wealthy, so many villas sprang up along the waterfront, which have now been converted into accommodation. They are beautifully maintained & are very reminiscent of Lake Como's villas.

(Villa Angiolina)

(Opatija Lungomare)

Made our way to Plitvice Lakes. Tom Tom decided to take us off the freeway onto a single lane rural road winding it's way through farmhouses & fields. Quite a pleasant drive(we had faith in Tom) until we came across this sign;


and then two vans with "Demining Team" written on them & a taped off area in a padock!
Along the way were a few headstones on the side of the road & then saw evidence of many wartorn houses and new replacements. Worked out later we are very close to the Bosnia/Herzegovinan border. Still so many reminders of the Homeland War. Again makes us appreciate where we live!

(note bullet holes in side of house)

Arrived safely at our accommodation near the Lakes.

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Day 37

Karst Coast to Opatija, Croatia

Visited the two other main towns along the Slovenian coast, Isola & Piran. Both nice fishing/boating towns similar to Fremantle. No real beaches to swim though, although they make do by making the water accessible with steps & ladders.

(Swimming beach at Koper)

Both towns have Venetian heritage, so the architecture is similar.
Piran was particularly pretty, with pastel coloured buildings, although unusual because tourists can't park their car in the centre of town.You need to leave your car in a public car park at the top of the hill & get a shuttle bus into the centre. Makes it difficult if you have accommodation in town!

(Piran main square)

Crossed the border back into Croatia. Made our way to Opatija on the coast in Northern Croatia. Staying in an old villa, room not much to brag about and hundreds of steps down the the centre of town, but wonderful view from our room across the Adriatic;

  1. large_DSC01029_J..ony_Opatija.jpg

Summary of Slovenia;

  • Beautiful country with heaps to offer including mountains, lakes, forrests, cave systems, coastline and historical cities.
  • Easy to travel around-wide, clear roads.

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Day 36


Rainy day today-perfect for visiting caves.
Tour of Postojna Cave. The impressive thing about this cave is it's size. It's so big they even have a tourist train that runs through it! Beautiful formations.
Couldn't take any photos while inside, so if anyone interested;


Then went to the Skocjan Cave-even bigger! One cavern is up to 100m in height-looked like something out of Jules Verne's "Journey to the Centry of the Earth".
Has a fast flowing river flowing through it on one level which was running ferociously due to all the rain. Most spectacular & the exit felt like we hade just walked out from the centre of the earth;



Drove to the coast (Slovenia only has 47km) to Koper for the night.

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Day 35


Headed North-West to Tolmin. Drove through scenic rural alpine areas. Tolmin also has a gorge. Walked the track (1.5hrs). Quite specky with turquoise water, a thermal pool & a cave.


Drove through the Soca Valley to Nova Gorica-right on the border with Italy, to do our laundry! Laundries are very difficult to find in Croatia & Slovenia!
Travelled onto Postojna for the night-caves tomorrow!

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