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Day 44

Bratislava, Slovakia

Caught early bus to Bratislava. Just across the border 60km away.(1.5hrs-many stops- $10).
Walked around Devin Castle (out of town) then rode a small guided tourist train through the Old Town. Again lots of history & decorative buildings.

(Devin Castle)

Walked along the Danube. Pleased to see a little more activity along the river bank than in Vienna.


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Day 43

Spent more time wandering around Vienna. Sunny day, no wind. Wandered around Belvedere Palace Gardens.


Strolled along the Danube for a couple of Kms. Surprised the Danube River bank isn't crowded with restaurants & bars etc. Only pathways through parkland. The centre of the city is quite a distance away, not like Budapest which hugs the river.


St Karl's church this afternoon, which is magnificent, but has a glass lift & then stairs (resembling crude scaffolding) to climb to top of dome from the inside to better see the frescos on the ceiling (I couldn't go all the way, Craig did!)


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Day 42

Another beautiful city! Rode on the Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus most of the day (3 routes). Very cold windy day.
Again the buildings are beautifully decorated and maintained, but they are so much more majestic than any of the others we've seen. We stood in a main square & looked at the skyline & all you could see was domes & steeples & statues decorating the tops of the buildings for miles!

(Parliament House)

Tried the Apple Struedel & Sacher Torte for morning tea. Wiener Schnitzel for dinner.

Would love to be here in a couple of weeks time- the Christmas Markets are going up in front of the majestic Town Hall and they've even transplanted a huge conifer Christmas tree in front of the Hall Entrance.

(Vienna Christmas Markets)

Love this;


Went to a concert tonight with music from Strauss & Mozart & a touch of ballet & opera -very entertaining.

(Concert at Kursalon)

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Day 41

Vienna, Austria

6.5hour train trip to Vienna ($40)-read three quarters of a book! Pretty scenery including lots of evidence of light flooding along a couple of rivers.
Spent the afternoon doing laundry!!

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Day 40

Back to Zagreb

Drove to Samobor on our way back to Zagreb. Passed another 'Demining Team' at a roadblock. Had to wait 10min before all clear. Samobor is a quaint little town with low, pastel coloured buildings and a small river through it.
Rained most of today. Dropped car back in Zagreb. Catching train to Vienna tomorrow.

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