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Day 54/55


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Day 53

Spent the day discovering new streets in the Taksim area where we are staying. Returned to the Galata Bridge for another 'fish sandwich', walked back up the steep Taksim hill, had a beer in the 'Flower Passage' which is the name for a ritzy mall which used to house the florist stalls.
Flying home tomorrow afternoon-we hope!

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Day 52


False alarm! Got to airport & found no flight today! The dates on our itinerary were not the same as on our ticket, which was yesterday's! (Not our fault!!) Still trying to sort it out. Don't know how soon we can fly out!!

PS> Can't get a flight home for another 2 days!

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Day 51

Last day!
Spent the morning around Hagia Sophia-originally a Christian church during the Byzantine era, then turned into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire. Interesting mix of Christian and Islamic remnants.



Spent more time at the Grand Bazaar buying last minute gifts, then crossed off one of the "1001 Places to see Before You Die"-Had a Turkish Bath at Cagaloglu Hamami. Got exfoliated & lathered to a froth then massaged-wonderful!! No photos so;


Summary of Istanbul;

  • Millions of people! Traffic chaos, beeping horns(for different reasons), packed fishing bridge, urban sprawl for many kms, thousands of new apartments being built.
  • Very friendly people, even with the haggling.Very helpful with no expectations to be rewarded. Good sense of humour. Everyone in the tourist industry speaks English.
  • Traditional foods; Kebaps or Kofta with salad & pickles, Pide, Pomegranate juice, roasted chestnuts or corn, Turkish Bagel, Baklava, Halva, pickles, pickles, pickles!

What a wonderful holiday. 10 countries, 2 continents (crossed to Asia in Istanbul), 7.5weeks, thousands of kms-PRICELESS!

Looking forward to seeing family & friends again.

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Day 50

5.5hr bus trip back to Istanbul. Didn't get back till mid afternoon. Caught tram & funicular to Taksim Square on the other side of the Galata Bridge. Fantastic night life-so many people around again. Had dinner then went shopping.


(Thursday night crowd Taksim)

(Galata Tower-oldest tower in the world)

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